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2019 Y L R 1426 [SINDH]

Before Ahmed Ali M. Shaikh, C.J. and Mohammed Karim Khan Agha, J

SHARJEEL INAM MEMON and others—Petitioners



and others—Respondents

S. 497(1), First Proviso—Bail—Medical grounds—Principles—Bail on medical grounds can be granted under first proviso to S.497(1), Cr.P.C. at discretion of court based on particular facts and circumstances of each case:

Following are the principles when bail can be granted on medical grounds:

(a) Sickness or ailment with which accused is suffering is such that it cannot be properly treated within premises of jail and;

(b) some specialized treatment is needed;

(c) continued detention of accused in jail is likely to affect his capacity or is hazardous to his life.

Bail declined.


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