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About us


The Firm owns the legacy of two prominent lawyers and brothers late. Qazi Faiz Mohammad and late. Qazi Ghulam Hadi, who began their legal practices jointly before the partition. The former was a civil lawyer and the latter was an expert in criminal law. In the province of Sindh, there is no match of the former when public interest litigation is a point. He devoted his life for the rights of the peasants, for their cases inside the court and struggle for their rights on every forum from politics to trade union. He was the pioneer of the “Sindh Haari Committee”
Qazi faiz Mohammad played lead role in Haari Allottee movement which movement is documented in the history of Sindh as one of the “few great movements of Sindh”.
The later Qazi Ghulam Hadwas the gold medalist of the Bombay Board, President of the first student union of the DJ Sindh government College and later elected as Vice Chancellor of the District council of the Nawabshah and also the member of Sindh Assembly.
The senior member of the Firm Mr. Javed Ahmed Qazi happens to be the son of former and nephew of the later. He did his mechanical engineering from Mehran University Jamshoro, Hyderabad in 1988. Later he joined the Development Bank as a project manager. Mr. Qazi did his banking specialization from the prestigious Institute of the Bankers of Pakistan. He is well inside and out in corporate law and financial matters.
Mr. Javed Qazi is the active member of civil society. Mr. Qazi practices in all fields of law such as corporate law and financial matters, Constitutionalal petitions, criminal and civil litigation, NAB laws, land and property matters, trade unions, family law and law of taxation etc…..
Formally the Firm was founded in Karachi, Pakistan in 2015; it’s a team of lawyers and support who has vast experience in law field. Mr. Qazi has been representing clients for over 10 years and began his practice as an advocate in Karachi. Mr. Qazi did really well in law. He expanded his work to cover the whole Province of Sindh and Pakistan. He faced lots of trials and appeals in both civil and criminal law, dealing with District & High Courts. His law practice kept growing at these places. Later on, he even started handling cases at the Supreme Court. This made his reputation even stronger, and his law business continued to do well across different levels of the legal system.
The team of attorneys and para-professionals of Javed Qazi & Co. has vast years of experience in the legal field. The office has been grown steadily to meet the needs of its expanding clientele.
Our duty and privilege is to protect each client to the fullest extent of law and to assist them at family ease and strategically we handle their cases and attempt to restore harmony in their lives.
The aim of our law Firm is to earned the respect of our clients and legal community
We work hard to maintain solid long lasting reputation of excellence, ethics and compassion.
Although the office has grown, it has kept its core philosophy intact. To constantly, provide the best legal service, honest advise, to finish the job and with a team approach. We treat our all client’s professionally, pay attention to details, and follow the golden rule.
We strive to be in communicating with our clients and provide them constant updates of their cases. We complete their matters with the best possible result due to our experience in the local and national arena.


Selecting the Javed Qazi & Co. Law Firm; to present you is a very important decision. If you choose us you will immediately see the benefits from our great work, services and our dedication in ethic to helping and caring of our clients. Javed Qazi & Co. Law Firm is a great team of lawyers that will work hard for you from the beginning of your

case up to the very end when your grievances come to resolved and you may be entitled to a recovery. We are committed to provide the best to our clients in their cases with close and personal attention and we are thankful to be part of our family.


Our legal firm practices in;

Criminal and civil litigation, Constitutionalal petitions, property and land matters, family, trade unions, corporate & taxation and NAB laws, correction and preparation of the legal documents etc….………

Our team focuses with great zeal in extremely interesting and socially significant cases. Our field of expertise is so composite and the expectations of our clients are so high, that it is always a challenge to earn the respect and trust of our clients. Our law firm with extreme hard work and services encouraged the clients to stand steadily during the hard times of their lives. We provide our best to resolve their grievances in a legal way, on a right forum.


Our team of Attorneys has extensive knowledge of law. They are articulated in written and oral communication. In order to get maximum relief to our clients we argue competently in court of law. We make the legal drafts and present before the Court. We draw reasonable, logical conclusions or assumptions from limited information and provide extensive advises to our clients. We prepare legal strategies to handle their cases on a right path,with this strength of our work and dedication we have achieved a huge client ship not only in the province of Sindh but all over the Pakistan and abroad.

Our customers will accomplish beneficial results by using our services. We offer consultation to our customers that will help them with legal ease. This enables us to know more about the needs and wants of our clients which eventually enable us to serve them better. Along with it, customers will accomplish trust as well, which will allow them to feel more comfortable and satisfied with our consultation/services.

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