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Tell me friend
How do you feel
When the family
Went for the gallows
To follow the father.It is a tale
A folk tale now
For coming seasons and Suns
Sindh is proud of
And shall be that for this way or that

That night well before dawn
As per jail manual this day
He was hanged till death for
Hanged till death was a court order.

And up over the power was a usurper
seeing his hang is properly made that
In his hang was his life
His life went with C-130
A plane that crushed
Only his fake golden tooth in jaw
That was identified.

Bhutto was murdered
For he was In hearts and minds of people
He came wrong way in
He went right way out

Bhutto became a fragrance
Mud in which he was mixed felt proud
In the times of corona
Remember the truth
In politics is salvation
In politics is solution

Bhutto was a candle
Could be burnt any place
In a castle or in a hut
He preferred to be burnt in latter.

So there he goes
To the gallows
To bosom that rob
Let his neck hold it tight
That the truth may prevail
And false may fall

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