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2017 C L C 516 (SINDH)

2017 C L C 516 (SINDH)

Ref, 1994 SCMR 1720, PLD 1963 SC 51

Divorce…wife will inherit

Section 7… Divorce… Husband died before completion of 90 days of divorce, divorce having not become effective , wife committed to be his widow and entitled to inherit his property.



2017 CLC 1718 SINDH.

2017 CLC 1718 SINDH.

Khula for the overseas Pakistani woman living abroad can file khula to get divorce from family court Pakistan. She must have to adopt some step to fulfill the legal requirement of legal procedure. Under Muslim Family laws.

(i) She must execute a special power of attorney nominating any person as her personal attorney / representative. This power of attorney will be attested from Embassy of Pakistan or Pakistan High Commission in the country of her stay. It must be attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan.

(ii) The Special attorney nominated by the wife should have power to represent her, will appoint a lawyer and sign the documents on her behalf for khula proceedings in the family court.

(iii) The personal representative then can file a case, appear before the family case on behalf of wife through a lawyer, in a family court for obtaining khula decree.

(iv) After obtaining Khula decree and judgment the special attorney can start proceeding in Arbitration Council can be initiated for obtaining Divorce Certificate. Keep in mind for arbitration special attorney have permission for overseas wife to appear and proceed through special power of attorney.


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